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Claremont is synonymous with excellence in graduate religious studies. The programs are student-centered and characterized by personal attention and flexibility. Working closely with a responsive staff and engaged faculty, students have the opportunity to create, within the limits of degree requirements, a course of study and research that is best suited to their needs and interests. Claremont Graduate University’s broad-based humanistic training equips Religion students with research capabilities, analytical methods, and writing and other communication skills that are valuable in many fields.

The faculty in the Religion Department at Claremont Graduate University enjoy a national reputation for scholarship of the highest caliber. Religion faculty members are widely recognized for successfully combining traditional modes of scholarship with new methodologies in the humanities and social sciences. Because of the interdisciplinary nature of academic programs at CGU, students and faculty in the field of Religion may also avail themselves of a broader forum of inquiry, including literature, history, cultural studies, education, economics, political science, and philosophy. CGU’s rigorous academic training has helped recent graduates to secure research and teaching positions in higher education as well as leadership positions in nonprofit organizations and religious groups.

The CGU Religion Department also enjoys close collaboration with the Claremont School of Theology (CST) and with the five undergraduate Claremont Colleges. The CGU Religion Department draws on adjunct professors, visiting scholars, and the faculties of the the Claremont Consortium, resulting in a total faculty of more than 35. Because of the low student-faculty ratio, seminars in Religion are typically quite small, with most seminars ranging in size from five to fifteen students.

The department currently offers doctoral programs in the following areas: Critical Comparative Scripture; History of Christianity and Religions of North America; Philosophy of Religion and Theology; and Women's Studies in Religion. We also offer master's degrees in Islamic Studies and the general study of religion.

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