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The Ph.D. program of Princeton Theological Seminary forms scholars, servants, and leaders of the church and the academy through constructive, critical engagement with the Christian tradition in its complexity and diversity, and where appropriate, in conversation with other religious and intellectual traditions in their multiplicity and variety.

Holding together love of God and love of learning in a single vision, Princeton’s program nurtures excellence in (1) research and writing, (2) teaching, and (3) academic citizenship. To that end, it

1. emphasizes thorough engagement with foundational materials, research traditions, and contemporary debates within and across disciplines; mastery of basic methodologies, requisite languages, and analytical skills; commitment to rigorous, original scholarship contributing to the advancement of knowledge; and cultivation of those virtues of mind and affection that wise scholarly judgment demands and just academic debate assumes;

2. initiates doctoral candidates into the arts, activities, and habits of good teaching; into the tasks of course design, delivery, and assessment; into the complexities of student evaluation and intellectual formation; and into the opportunities, joys, and challenges of working in classrooms rich in ethnic and racial, religious, cultural, and gender diversity.

3. encourages self-criticism, collaboration, and community in one’s scholarly life; passion, productivity, and independence of mind in one’s scholarly pursuits; and a commitment to serving God and neighbor, church and academy, through the exercise of one’s scholarly vocation.

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