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The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) program is a rigorous course of advanced study and research that prepares students for a lifetime of field-defining scholarship, intellectual leadership and teaching in the academic study of religion.

Instruction and research in the PhD program is organized by means of the three committees of the faculty and eleven areas of study: Anthropology and Sociology of Religions, History of Religions, Religion, Literature and Visual Culture, Religious Ethics, Theology, Philosophy of Religions, Bible, History of Christianity, History of Judaism, Islamic Studies, Religions in America.

PhD students concentrate their work in an area of study toward the end of achieving a high level of expertise and the capacity to pursue advanced research in it. PhD students also must pursue substantial work in at least one other area of study to prepare broadly for their future careers as educators or in other professions and to locate their research in contexts outside of, but relevant to, their own concentration.

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